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      1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      2 <article data-sblg-article="1">
      3 	<header><h1>Whoami</h1></header>
      4 	<p>Hello There! I’m Stephen Gregoratto, computer science student at the
      5 	University of Wollongong. I’m currently halfway through my course so
      6 	far, but I also do other things in my spare time:</p>
      7 	<h2>Blogging</h2>
      8 	<p>I run a blog called <a href="/blog.html">/var/log/trash</a>, which
      9 	mainly covers topics like programming, text processing and quaint
     10 	little UNIX things that I pick up/develop. Don’t expect intricate,
     11 	well detailed posts or furious updates though. Like most blogs, my
     12 	posts will eventually be left in the trash heap of history.</p>
     13 	<h2>Arch Packages</h2>
     14 	<p>I maintain a couple of packages on the AUR, located
     15 	<a href=";SeB=m">here</a>.
     16 	They’re mainly a mix of Go projects, UNIX shell tools, text
     17 	processing tools or other cool things I find. If anything is wrong
     18 	with them, feel free to yell at me in the comment section.</p>
     19 	<h2>Contact</h2>
     20 	<p>I have three main email addresses:</p>
     21 	<dl>
     22 		<dt><a href="">personal@</a></dt>
     23 		<dd>For casual inquiries.</dd>
     24 		<dt><a href="">dev@</a></dt>
     25 		<dd>Used to send/receive patches for the software projects I work on.</dd>
     26 		<dt><a href="">work@</a></dt>
     27 		<dd>Strictly for employment or work-related information.</dd>
     28 	</dl>
     29 </article>