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stagit.1 (2981B)

      1 .Dd February 6, 2019
      2 .Dt STAGIT 1
      3 .Os
      4 .Sh NAME
      5 .Nm stagit
      6 .Nd static git page generator
      7 .Sh SYNOPSIS
      8 .Nm
      9 .Op Fl c Ar cachefile
     10 .Op Fl l Ar commits
     11 .Ar repodir
     13 .Nm
     14 writes HTML pages for the repository
     15 .Ar repodir
     16 to the current directory.
     17 .Pp
     18 The options are as follows:
     19 .Bl -tag -width Ds
     20 .It Fl c Ar cachefile
     21 Cache the entries of the log page up to the point of
     22 the last commit.
     23 The
     24 .Ar cachefile
     25 will store the last commit id and the entries in the HTML table.
     26 It is up to the user to make sure the state of the
     27 .Ar cachefile
     28 is in sync with the history of the repository.
     29 .It Fl l Ar commits
     30 Write a maximum number of
     31 .Ar commits
     32 to the log.html file only.
     33 However the commit files are written as usual.
     34 .El
     35 .Pp
     36 The options
     37 .Fl c
     38 and
     39 .Fl l
     40 cannot be used at the same time.
     41 .Pp
     42 The following files will be written:
     43 .Bl -tag -width Ds
     44 .It atom.xml
     45 Atom XML feed
     46 .It files.html
     47 List of files in the latest tree, linking to the file.
     48 .It log.html
     49 List of commits in reverse chronological applied commit order, each commit
     50 links to a page with a diffstat and diff of the commit.
     51 .It refs.html
     52 Lists references of the repository such as branches and tags.
     53 .El
     54 .Pp
     55 For each entry in HEAD a file will be written in the format:
     56 file/filepath.html.
     57 This file will contain the textual data of the file prefixed by line numbers.
     58 The file will have the string "Binary file" if the data is considered to be
     59 non-textual.
     60 .Pp
     61 For each commit a file will be written in the format:
     62 commit/commitid.html.
     63 This file will contain the diffstat and diff of the commit.
     64 It will write the string "Binary files differ" if the data is considered to
     65 be non-textual.
     66 Too large diffs will be suppressed and a string
     67 "Diff is too large, output suppressed" will be written.
     68 .Pp
     69 When a commit HTML file exists it won't be overwritten again, note that if
     70 you've changed
     71 .Nm
     72 or changed one of the metadata files of the repository it is recommended to
     73 recreate all the output files because it will contain old data.
     74 To do this remove the output directory and
     75 .Ar cachefile ,
     76 then recreate the files.
     77 .Pp
     78 The basename of the directory is used as the repository name.
     79 The suffix ".git" is removed from the basename, this suffix is commonly used
     80 for "bare" repos.
     81 .Pp
     82 The content of the follow files specifies the metadata for each repository:
     83 .Bl -tag -width Ds
     84 .It .git/description or description (bare repo).
     85 description
     86 .It .git/owner or owner (bare repo).
     87 owner of repository
     88 .It .git/url or url (bare repo).
     89 primary clone url of the repository, for example: git://
     90 .El
     91 .Pp
     92 When a README or LICENSE file exists in HEAD or a .gitmodules submodules file
     93 exists in HEAD a direct link in the menu is made.
     94 .Pp
     95 For changing the style of the page you can use the following files:
     96 .Bl -tag -width Ds
     97 .It favicon.png
     98 favicon image.
     99 .It logo.png
    100 32x32 logo.
    101 .It style.css
    102 CSS stylesheet.
    103 .El
    104 .Sh SEE ALSO
    105 .Xr stagit-index 1
    106 .Sh AUTHORS
    107 .An Hiltjo Posthuma Aq Mt