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updated install guide with more useful detail and recent information

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diff --git a/INSTALL b/INSTALL @@ -1,17 +1,78 @@ -Installation Guide ------------------- +$Id$ -For most, installation of ngrep will be as simple as typing: +ngrep Installation Guide +------------------------ - % ./configure ; make +1. Install the latest Packet Capture Library -Those of you looking for the quick way out, there you have it. Keep -in mind, you need libpcap installed before you can compile ngrep. You -can get it at +In orer to compile ngrep on any platform, the relevant packet capture +(PCAP) client support library must be installed. -If you still have problems compiling or are compiling on an +On UNIX, this is called ``libpcap'' and can be installed either from +source or from a distribution's particular package management system. + +On Windows, the client support library is called ``WinPcap Developer's +Pack'' and should be unpacked inside the parent directory of the ngrep +source. + +The latest versions (as of this writing) are located at: + + UNIX: + Win32: + + +2. Unpack the source + +Once the client packet capture client support library is installed, +unpack the ngrep source to a directory. + +On Windows, this must be under the same parent directory as the +WinPcap Developer's Pack. + + +3. Compile the program + +On UNIX, type the following from the root of the ngrep source tree: + + % ./configure && make + +On Windows, open the ``ngrep.sln'' file located in the ``win32'' +subdirectory of the ngrep source tree using Visual Studio.NET. From +there you should be able to Build the solution in either Debug or +Release mode. Once this is done, copy the resulting ``ngrep.exe'' +(located in either the ``Debug'' or ``Release'' subdirectory depending +on compile configuration) into any directory in your path for easy +usage (``c:\windows'', for instance). + +Please ignore the warnings associated with the GNU Regex library +included in the ngrep source tree. + + +4. Install the kernel driver + +ngrep is a PCAP-based program and therefore requires the PCAP kernel +driver to be installed before it will function properly. + +The PCAP Driver is already integrated into the vast majority of UNIX +and Linux kernels released within the last ~10 years. + +The Windows Platform, however, does not come with an integrated PCAP +kernel driver by default, so it is necessary to install one before +ngrep will work. The latest version (as of this writing) is located +at: + + + + +Getting Help +------------ + +On UNIX, if you still have problems compiling or are compiling on an unsupported OS, try playing with other build types -- i.e. if you have -a BSD derived system, try the BSD build type. Otherwise, email the -author. +a BSD derived system, try the BSD build type. + +Please email me for help if you If you still have problems, however +please try to help yourself first and search Google for possible +answers before contacting me. -Sparse, I know. +Jordan Ritter <>