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2019-07-06 00:26rewrite README.mdStephen Gregoratto1+18-11
2019-07-05 23:51add srht build manifestsStephen Gregoratto4+48-0
2019-07-04 12:24disallow invalid characters in document nameStephen Gregoratto1+2-0
2019-07-04 10:32first pass of the mdoc/build changesStephen Gregoratto17+1603-903
2019-06-16 11:16set SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH directly in testfileStephen Gregoratto1+1-1
2019-06-16 10:31remove printing the preambleStephen Gregoratto1+0-19
2019-06-16 10:22support reading files from argumentsStephen Gregoratto2+19-10
2019-06-15 07:54ignore *.o filesStephen Gregoratto1+1-1
2019-06-15 07:53simplify MakefileStephen Gregoratto2+31-28
2019-06-15 07:47Inital K&R reformatting of sourcesStephen Gregoratto5+196-152
2019-06-15 07:08headerfile improvementsStephen Gregoratto7+29-52
2019-06-15 06:08major build improvementsStephen Gregoratto17+974-994
2019-03-04 21:25use TZ=UTC in test caseHenrik Riomar1+2-1
2019-03-04 15:43Update version to 1.9.4Drew DeVault1+1-1
2019-03-03 16:10Fix SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH test w/busybox dateDrew DeVault1+1-1
2019-03-03 10:11Fix the "Ignores underscores in underlined words" testMichael Weiss1+1-1
2019-03-02 00:41Drop install -D flag after acb0f64a7b73Jan Beich1+4-4
2019-03-01 20:46Add a pkg-config templateemersion4+13-9
2019-03-01 19:11Fix installation on FreeBSDDrew DeVault1+1-0
2019-03-01 18:53Update version to 1.9.2Drew DeVault2+2-2
2019-02-28 17:16parse_text: return if next is UTF8_INVALIDBrian Ashworth1+3-0
2019-02-28 00:09Update version to 1.9.1Drew DeVault2+2-2
2019-02-26 20:52fix underscores in underlined wordsCarlo Abelli2+13-3
2019-02-24 17:20Update version to 1.9.0Drew DeVault2+2-2
2019-02-23 06:30Fix link to mailing list in READMEFrancis Dinh1+3-1
2019-02-12 18:29Replace localtime with gmtimeBirger Schacht1+1-1
2019-02-07 16:37Allow continuation of table cells on the next lineDrew DeVault2+10-4
2019-02-05 20:01Add pkg-config file, scdoc -vDrew DeVault5+16-3
2019-01-30 17:13Update version to 1.8.1Drew DeVault1+1-1
2019-01-30 16:38Use !isalnum instead of isspace for this_stuffDrew DeVault1+1-3
2019-01-27 16:09Update version to 1.8.0Drew DeVault1+1-1
2019-01-27 16:08Use a more robust approach for in-word-underscoresDrew DeVault4+35-20
2019-01-27 15:51Update version to 1.7.1Drew DeVault1+1-1
2019-01-27 15:50Deal with bogus uninitialized warning (thx gcc)Drew DeVault1+1-1
2019-01-27 15:49Update version to 1.7.0Drew DeVault1+1-1
2019-01-27 15:48Ignore underscores in the middle_of_a_wordDrew DeVault4+19-11
2019-01-20 15:25Update version to 1.6.1Drew DeVault1+1-1
2019-01-20 15:18Add CONVENTIONS to scdoc(5)Drew DeVault1+14-9
2019-01-02 00:01Don't use a GNU-extension for $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH parsingSilvan Jegen1+33-11
2018-12-23 19:41Fixup readme fixupNoah Loomans1+1-1
2018-12-22 20:50Fixup readme (thanks rvi 64!)Drew DeVault1+1-1
2018-11-21 14:02Redefine _XOPEN_SOURCE to value 600.Stephen Gregoratto1+1-1
2018-11-19 14:42Omit needless words, change description to UNIX/BSD style.Stephen Gregoratto2+5-7
2018-11-18 15:26Update version to 1.6.0Drew DeVault1+1-1
2018-11-16 23:47Support empty table cellsJakub Kądziołka2+20-15
2018-11-16 23:45Remove empty string handling edge-casesJakub Kądziołka1+6-11
2018-11-16 23:45Test for empty table cellsJakub Kądziołka1+12-0
2018-11-07 11:26Support $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for reproducible man pagesMichael Weiss2+28-4
2018-11-06 16:31Don't have side effects in assertDrew DeVault1+7-4
2018-11-06 16:08Add .editorconfigDrew DeVault1+9-0
2018-11-06 15:49Update README.mdDrew DeVault1+1-1
2018-10-18 12:18Update version to 1.5.2Drew DeVault1+1-1
2018-10-18 12:18Add '.' to characters permitted in man page titlesDrew DeVault2+2-1
2018-10-07 15:54Update version to 1.5.1Drew DeVault1+1-1
2018-10-07 15:54Fix build of scdoc.5Drew DeVault1+1-1
2018-10-07 15:53Update version to 1.5.0Drew DeVault1+1-1
2018-10-07 14:40Add support for explicit line breaksDrew DeVault2+33-0
2018-10-07 15:32s/Generated content/Begin generated content/Drew DeVault1+1-1
2018-10-07 15:31Move premable comments from roff to CDrew DeVault1+5-5
2018-10-07 15:25Error if formatting continues to next paragraphDrew DeVault1+9-0
2018-10-07 15:11Show origin of nested formatting issuesDrew DeVault2+9-1
2018-10-07 14:57Split scdoc(5) from scdoc(1)Drew DeVault3+193-169
2018-10-06 13:24Update to 1.4.3Drew DeVault1+1-1
2018-09-05 13:21Free string on UTF8_INVALID in parse_extrarandom human1+1-0
2018-09-05 11:45Handle size 5 or 6 resulting in stack smashingrandom human1+6-0
2018-07-22 21:55Update version to 1.4.1Drew DeVault1+1-1
2018-07-13 12:54Support extra2 and extra3 in title sectionRichard Bradfield3+67-2
2018-06-25 13:45"distribution-friendly" MakefileTimothée Floure1+6-7
2018-05-31 21:26Update version in Makefile to 1.3.4Drew DeVault1+1-1
2018-05-29 23:18Permit man pages in section 0Drew DeVault1+2-2
2018-05-16 17:21Use tabs for table separatorIvan Tham1+3-9
2018-05-15 00:20Remove GNUism in make checkDrew DeVault1+1-1
2018-05-14 22:42Emit .RS 4 instead of .RS 4, remove extra REDrew DeVault2+24-4
2018-05-14 22:38Fix dashes in preamableDrew DeVault2+8-2
2018-05-14 22:34Implement ; commentsDrew DeVault3+38-0
2018-05-14 22:21Enforce isalnum/isdigit receive ASCII charactersDrew DeVault1+2-2
2018-05-14 11:37Print out .sp 1 correctlyDrew DeVault1+1-1
2018-05-14 00:14Add some more testsDrew DeVault3+71-0
2018-05-14 00:03Set up test suiteDrew DeVault3+64-1
2018-05-11 02:48Implement tablesDrew DeVault5+244-1
2018-01-26 00:02Bump version to 1.2.3Drew DeVault1+1-1
2018-01-25 23:58Enable cross-compilationMykyta Holubakha1+4-3
2018-01-25 23:16Add OUTDIR to MakefileDrew DeVault1+14-13
2018-01-25 23:13Bump to 1.2.2Drew DeVault1+1-1
2018-01-25 23:12Remove CC from MakefileDrew DeVault1+0-1
2017-12-10 17:43Newline after usageDrew DeVault1+1-1
2017-12-10 17:36Bump to 1.2.1Drew DeVault1+1-1
2017-12-10 17:29Don't start numbered list unless space presentDrew DeVault1+7-1
2017-12-10 17:22Bump version to 1.2.0Drew DeVault1+1-1
2017-12-10 17:21Add numbered listsDrew DeVault2+40-8
2017-12-10 17:05Bump version to 1.1.0Drew DeVault1+1-1
2017-12-10 17:08Fix indentation bugsDrew DeVault2+7-2
2017-12-10 17:04Remove mkdir -p from MakefileDrew DeVault1+0-1
2017-12-10 17:04Add multi-line list entriesDrew DeVault2+29-2
2017-12-10 17:00Improve list outputDrew DeVault2+17-6
2017-12-10 07:50Remove unused functionDrew DeVault1+0-5
2017-12-10 07:48Improve indentation handlingDrew DeVault2+11-4
2017-12-10 07:42Clarify escaping within literal blocksDrew DeVault1+2-1
2017-12-10 07:40Fix bug with ` within literal blocksDrew DeVault2+6-3
2017-12-10 07:30Fix typo in scdoc preambleDrew DeVault1+1-1
2017-12-10 07:29Drop scdoc version in roff outputDrew DeVault2+3-3
2017-12-10 07:21Specify C standard and add -pedanticDrew DeVault1+1-1
2017-12-10 06:49Make the Makefile slightly prettierDrew DeVault1+9-9
2017-12-10 06:35Fix man installation dir in MakefileDrew DeVault1+1-1
2017-12-10 06:25Add README.mdDrew DeVault1+17-0
2017-12-10 06:23Switch from meson to plain makefileDrew DeVault4+65-30
2017-12-10 06:11Disable justification in outputDrew DeVault1+2-0
2017-12-10 06:10Implement literal sectionsDrew DeVault1+70-9
2017-12-10 05:52That code belongs elsewhereDrew DeVault1+5-6
2017-12-10 05:24Implement listsDrew DeVault3+154-103
2017-12-10 05:08Implement bold and underlineDrew DeVault3+30-1
2017-12-10 05:01Handle escaping correctlyDrew DeVault1+18-4
2017-12-10 04:55Handle indent/deindentDrew DeVault3+53-7
2017-12-10 04:34Parse section headingsDrew DeVault1+75-5
2017-12-10 04:18Initial commitDrew DeVault15+526-0